OWL2 Snippets for VSCode

I put together a list of OWL2 snippets for Visual Studio Code, for use with Turtle ( *.ttl ) files.


The shortcuts cover most of the OWL2 Reference Card. Enjoy.

command shortcut
class /c
add label rlab
add comment rcom
object property ropr
time value rtime
intersect class rintersect
class intersection /ci
class union /cu
class complement /cc
class enumeration /ce
subclass /csub
equivalent classes /cequ
disjoint classes /cd
pairwise disjoint classes /cda
disjoint union /cdu
universal /pru
existential /pre
individual value /pri
local reflexivity /prx
exact cardinality /prc
qualified exact cardinality /prcqxc
maximum cardinality /prcmax
qualified maximum cardinality /prcqmax
minimum cardinality /prcmin
qualified minimum cardinality /prcqmin
n-ary universal /prdu
n-ary existential /prde
inverse property /pv
data range complement /drc
data range intersection /dri
data range union /dru
literal enumeration /denum
datatype restriction /drs
subproperty /ppsub
chain inclusion /ppch
domain /ppdom
range /ppran
equivalent properties /ppequ
disjoint properties /ppd
all disjoint properties /ppdd
inverse properties /ppinv
functional property /ppfun
inverse functional property /ppinfu
reflexive property /ppref
irreflexive property /ppirref
symmetric property /ppsym
Asymmetric Property /ppasym
Transitive Property /pptrans
equality /aeq
prinequality /ane
individual inequality /aane
assertion /ac
object property assertion /aprop
negative object property assertion /anprop
name //l
comment //c
addition information //ai
agent //da
information //v
deprecation //dep
backwards compatibility //bc
incompatibility //incomp
prior version //pv